15 Questions to Ask when Choosing an ERP for Field Service Management


15 Questions to Ask your ERP Sales Representative

Meet your field service management requirements with an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. An ERP unlocks complete visibility across your entire field service organisation on a single platform. It is the all-in-one solution your business needs to deliver superior customer service – in the field.

An ERP helps to streamline day-to-day manual tasks so your field technicians can better focus on resolving customer issues. Information that is entered into an ERP system is universal, so the time-consuming process of entering and consolidating customer information is eliminated. Decreasing the amount of manual tasks means your field technicians can tick off more service calls, more efficiently. It increases the mobility & productivity of your service technicians and essentially maximises the profitability of your business.

Optimising resources, effectively scheduling technicians and better engaging with customers are all results of a more connected field service achieved with an ERP solution. However, when choosing an "all-in-one" field service solution, there are 15 key questions to ask about:

The Customer

  • Does the software allow my customers communicate directly with my team?
  • Does the software automate information requests from customers?
  • Does the software allow customers direct access to their account?

Dispatch & Scheduling
  • Does the software automate scheduling of technicians based on attributes and relationship to the account?
  • Does the software automate the dispatching based on technician location, route, and severity of issue?
  • Does the software allow the technician to access the CRM, sales, and inventory while in the field?

  • Is the software cloud based, modular for software integration, and regularly updated?
  • What security measures does the software implement to protect the data of my customers and my business?
  • Does the software provide statistics and alerts?

  • Does the software provide statistics and customer data to be accessed on any device?
  • Does the software allow updated information to be accessed and uploaded from any location?
  • Do devices need to be registered for use or can any device be set up quickly and effortlessly?

  • Does the software allow customisation?
  • How often can the software be changed and modified to meet my business needs?
  • What kind of support is offered with the software?

When considering an ERP solution for your field service business, it is essential to consider how that will affect what your business is doing and how the software will change your current operations.

When developing questions to ask your ERP sales rep, think about your day-to-day operations and what problems your are addressing. Solving a non-existent problem will not improve on your business, but analysing your business goals and addressing legitimate concerns will always increase your bottom line.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service offers the capabilites for powering a unified, responsive and customer-driven field service organisation. To discover more about how to drive more connected field service organisation with Microsoft Dynamics Field Service software, contact us today.

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