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Sage X3 ERP Food

Sage X3 is an ERP software designed to assist food processors throughout the production process – from order taking to financial reporting.

Sage X3 Capabilities for Food Processors

Lot Traceability & Food Recall Management
Ensure Transparency & Compliance
Sage X3 ERP Food Share key information with stakeholders with ease
Sage X3 ERP Food Support forward & backward lot traceability for each ingredient & finished food item
Sage X3 ERP Food Build a strong food recall program with Sage X3’s traceability capabilities

Recipe Management & Allergen Tracking
Deliver Consistent, Quality Food
Manage change control requests Manage change control requests by easily updating & tracking changes made to recipes
Increase yield & profitability Increase yield & profitability by managing the tracking & pricing of by-products
convert multiple units Eliminate human error by automatically converting multiple units of measurements
Track allergens throughout the supply chain Track allergens throughout the supply chain & prevent cross-contamination

Waste Management & Shelf-life Management
Reduce Food Spoilage & Over-stocking
Fast-track manufacturing Accelerate manufacturing so there is less time for food to spoil
Forecast better Forecast better & reduce overstocking with insight to historic fluctuations
Shelf-life Management Reduce waste by determining which ingredients & finished food items should be utilised & shipped based on use-by dates

Sage ERP X3 Resources for Food Processors

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