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XLCubed brings the full power and flexibility of (Online Analytical Processing) OLAP reporting to Excel. The strengths of Excel as a familiar and powerful calculation and modelling environment are retained, while the risk of Excel as a data store is removed.
Connecting to Microsoft Analysis Services cubes (the Business Intelligence component of SQL Server) and SQL etc, XLCubed provides slice and dice analytics, free format asymmetric reporting, and a rich environment for interactive, data connected Excel dashboards.


XLCubed provides an easy to use yet powerful analytics environment. With XLCubed Grids, users can explore and understand their data through slice and dice, drill through the available hierarchies, and quickly specify the level or descendant-based selections for dynamic reporting. User-defined calculations are simple to add, but OLAP aware, and respect drill downs and hierarchy repositioning.


For some reporting layout is key, and there are precise corporate templates which must be adhered to. Asymmetric reporting is also a requirement in many environments. XLCubed's formula model means that it's possible to create a data-connected report of any shape and layout achievable in native Excel. The key formulae are simple in concept and are created through intuitive dialogues or the conversion of an XLCubed Grid.


Excel is a highly effective environment for dashboard reporting. However, the primary issue has always been that Excel is an isolated data island. XLCubed maintains an active connection to the data, taking away the maintenance burden associated with most traditional Excel dashboards, but retains the full flexibility of layout available in native Excel. The in-cell charting available with MicroCharts, which significantly extend what is achievable in terms of data visualization and is ideally suited to dashboard reporting.

XLCubed Dashboard

Report & Dashboard Deployment

Reports developed using XLCubed and MicroCharts in Excel can be published to XLCubed Web simply and quickly. Web users then access the published reports through either the XLCubed Web homepage or through existing company portals e.g. SharePoint. The reports remain data connected, to Analysis Services or SQL Server and consequently, there is no requirement to re-publish each reporting cycle. Published reports can incorporate all modes of XLCubed Reporting, MicroCharts, native Excel Charts and formulae, and multi-sheet workbooks.

XLCubed Web

Ad Hoc Reporting and Web Analytics

XLCubed Web also provides a rich ad hoc query environment, which can be enabled or disabled by user group as required. Users can easily slice and dice, drill down and filter data. Custom calculations are simple to add, but OLAP aware, and respect drill downs and hierarchy repositioning. Exceptions can be highlighted through conditional formatting, and any number can be quickly broken down to its constituent parts through breakout.

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