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Microchannel and Tyro. Tap & Save EFTPOS

Australia’s business-only bank and EFTPOS provider, Tyro, has introduced a number of market-leading banking innovations for SMEs, including its recently launched ‘Tap & Save’ – a first-to-market initiative that allows businesses to save money by processing debit tap-and-go payments through the cheaper eftpos network. 

Contactless tap-and-go payments are becoming more commonplace than ever, with 82% of Australian consumers using contactless payments at least once a week. In addition to consumer demand, businesses have also become more accepting of tap-and-go, as contactless payments are a regular and quicker way to pay. As you can imagine, this gives health professionals huge potential to save on card payments by using Tap & Save.

Tap & Save can help you recover considerable acceptance costs for eligible scheme debit tap-and-go payments on your Tyro EFTPOS terminal. Tyro customers taking advantage of Tap & Save are benefiting by saving on average over 6% on their Merchant Service Fees (MSF). Savings will vary between merchants depending on a business’ card mix, transaction volume amount, industry and pricing plan.

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