Multi Mart Success Story

Recognising that their existing solution would no longer support business needs during a period of growth, Multi Mart required a comprehensive retail solution. Learn about how Multi Mart partnered with MicroChannel to deploy a new solution was easily adopted by users, to bring new levels of efficiency, control and stability to the company.

National Disability Services (NDS) - Microsoft Office 365

Experiencing rising email server and storage costs, NDS sought an alternative and more robust infrastructure through Microsoft Office 365. Explore how MicroChannel deployed the Office 365 solution that allowed easier access for users both in office and offsite.

Brennan IT Case Study

Brennan IT is Australia's leading managed services companies based in Victoria. Opted for Pacifictech AP automation solution to streamline workflow processes.

National Capital District Commission (NCDC) Case Study

NCDC have manual requisition process which slows down decision-making and lead to potential misallocation of funds and overspending. After examining a range of options, NCDC selected a new software from Pacifictech with integration with Sage 300. MicroChannel was retained as the technology partner.

Royal Rehab Success Story

Understanding the risks associated to operating a legacy accounting system, Royal Rehab sought a modern connected financial & sales solution. Explore the modern solutions deployed to support greater efficiency across their financial and sales processes.

National Disability Services (NDS)

Following a growth period, NDS was experiencing challenges in handling disparate data across multiple sites. By transitioning to a more cost-effective cloud infrastructure solution, NDS has successfully streamlined communication, reduced costs and enhanced data security.

Insentra Success Story

Insentra was using a solution that did not cater to their complex business channel business model. The business identified key players in the CRM space, and realised that with the baseline platform of Microsoft Dynamics 365, they could continuously customise and adapt their requirements in a highly successful way.

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