3 Reasons to Use Cloud Backup


Using the
cloud to backup important data is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways for business to keep their records safe. There are a handful of advantages of cloud backup compared to using traditional internal servers.


The cost to purchase and maintain your own server can be high, especially if you need extremely large storage capacity. Cloud backup providers are able to offer cheaper prices since the costs are split by their customers. They are also able to provide technical support as opposed to having to hire someone to manage your servers. By cutting cost and manpower directed towards keeping your files backed-up your business will be able to focus it's attention towards more important matters.


Hard-drive failures and computer crashes always happen unexpectedly, and it can be difficult to remember to backup files. When using a cloud backup service all you need to do is select which folders you want backed-up and they will be automatically uploaded to the cloud. You don't have to remember to periodically make copies of your data, this is done for you. This allows for piece of mind that if a computer crashes you'll still have access to the files you need. 


Files stored on the cloud are protected from both human and natural threats. Many providers offer multiple data center locations in case a fire or flood damages their servers. This level of protection is nearly impossible to obtain using your own dedicated servers. If a natural disaster renders both your internal servers and computers unusable the data will be lost. Hackers and employees can also pose a risk to your backed-up data. Cloud backup services often offer a high level of security to counter this and make sure that only those with permission can gain access.

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