Managing a Business Beyond ERP: SAP Business One as a Full Toolbox

SAP Business One is a full business management software package, incorporating many of the tools that might be employed to take care of various needs within the operations of a company.

Accounting functions, such as a general ledger, are a basic requirement of Enterprise Resource Planning tools.  Knowing how all of the financial resources of a business are divided helps to indicate the general health of an organisation.  Along with basic accounting functions comes the need to have an integrated bank reconciliation process, purchasing tools, sales tools, and a wide range of reporting capabilities.

However, SAP Business One goes beyond these tools, and incorporates modules that allow for more data retention and manipulation, often what is held in the minds of the most experienced employees. With SAP Business One, these become available to others within the company as well.

For example, SAP Business One includes the ability to track and manage the relationships among clients and vendors. Often, large customers are broken down into smaller company entities, and SAP Business One gives a module, Business Partner Management, that provides a way to organise all of the related entities efficiently. For example, this will allow a payment from one parent company to be divided among various subsidiaries.

SAP Business One also has powerful Material Requirements Planning tools that help to define forecasts for business swings, including planning in make-or-buy decisions and order recommendations.

Taking it a further step, SAP Business One offers a way to make connections between users Outlook email accounts and the system itself. Outlook Integration offers a seamless link between communication and customer management. This standard module creates additional levels of information about a business, including being able to save e-mail as an activity for a vendor or customer. An add-on is also available that takes this tool even further, including a link between customer contacts within Outlook and SAP Business One, which can create even greater user-acceptance of the system.

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