Microsoft Dynamics GP (formerly Great Plains) integrates seamlessly with Office 365


Mistakenly, many small and medium size business will push back on investing in CRM or ERP software because they think the technology is more suited for much larger organisations. When it comes to Microsoft Dynamics GP (formerly Great Plains) that is simply not the case. For one thing, the purchase, be it for on-premise or online, is a platform that is completely scalable; its features can be customised and added as the business grows.

Unlike static applications like Quickbooks, Excel, Outlook and Word documents, the Dynamics GP provides that all-important overview on the status of projects throughout the company. That means more financial reports with fewer errors, and parts inventory reports to avoid costly downtime and overstocking.

The old methods of collecting and storing data kept them in isolated silos devoid of any opportunity for collaborative sharing. In fact, extra time was often spent on searching files on multiple desktop PCs, or entering inaccurate and redundant information.

More and more companies are moving to a Software as a Service platform. For one, it eliminates the capital expense of building out the server room, or installing the software on multiple computers in the company. Costly upgrades are eliminated, and businesses can rely on their SaaS to be fully secure without missing the latest security installs.

The software brings together a number of operations, making them fully accessible from smartphones and tablets. Ideal, for client updates while on the road, or in the customer’s office.

What’s more, it integrates with Office 365 to make it an ideal tool for business. Company files, working calendars and emails can be integrated into the data, reports and business management software; this gives owners and stakeholders a seamless look at the productivity and health of the revenue streams.

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