How SAP Business One Helped an Entrepreneur

If you're looking for practical benefits of the popular business management software SAP Business One, look no further than Brazil - where it's literally saving lives.

Startup Fumajet looked at the devastation caused every year by mosquitos carrying the deadly diseases malaria and dengue fever, and decided something had to be done. The two account for nearly 17 percent of all infectious diseases worldwide, and claim over a million deaths every year - many of them children under five years of age. 

To combat malaria and dengue fever, Fumajet developed a technology installed on motorcycles called "MOTOFOG" that helps combat these vector-borne diseases. And the company was able to develop its ambitious business model by being a pilot member of SAP Exponentes, a Brazil-based program that helps entrepreneurs establish their business and run it successfully.

Part of the package, of course, is SAP Business One. And according to the director of Fumajet, Marcelo Machado, the program has made a tangible difference

We now have real-time transparency into inventory from order to delivery. This helps customer support as well as production and budget control. Customers know where there orders are at any given time, including when products will be shipped and delivered. We hope next year we’ll have even less rework so we can lower prices and provide more benefits to customers.

The early work has paid off. Fumajet recently won the 2014 FINEP Innovation Award, given to local products that have made a difference in Brazilian development. According to Machado, the award would not have been possible without the efficiency and success provided by SAP Business One.

Like Fumajet, your company can significantly benefit by utilizing SAP software! Contact us today to find the perfect option for managing your business.

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