Allow SAP Business One To Help You Plan 2015

Have you set business resolutions for the new year? Are you looking to expand, stay steady, alter your product or target audience or simply increase profits? As we're powering into 2015, now is a perfect time to set your goals and analyse your options. The good news: SAP Business One can help you do just that.

Review Your Current Year
What worked in 2014, and what didn't? Did your profit margins and sales play out as expected? Did your business processes function smoothly? How did your customers respond to your marketing strategy? Where did you succeed and fail in terms of efficiency? You can easily utilise SAP Business One to answer these and other related questions honestly, which will go a long way toward establishing realistic yet constructive goals for the new year.

Analyse the Competition
Take all of the questions above, and apply them to the competition. Where did they do better than you? Where did you have the edge? A quick SWAT analysis may be a good idea to analyse the 2014 market place in your industry and get a better idea of where exactly you stand. Do you have a position at the top to defend, or are you just trying to get there first?

Set the Goals
Now that you know where you stand, both in terms of success and the market place, you have all the information you need to set your business goals for 2015. Your business management software has provided you with with all the necessary stats and information to make an informed decision of where you want to stay steady and where you need to improve. Happy New Year! 

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