Key Lessons Learned From KPMG's 2014 Cloud Survey Report

Cloud applications are revolutioniSing how companies stay in step with their customers' needs while also reducing costs. Instead of just looking at the cost advantages of moving from on-premise applications to cloud, forward-thinking companies are relying on cloud-based applications and platforms to remove the roadblocks that kept them from connecting with customers.

KPMG's Survey Shows Customer Focus Is Driving Cloud Adoption  
These and other key lessons learned from KPMG's 2014 Cloud Computing Survey: Enterprises Quickly Moving Beyond Cost Reduction To Customer-Driven Results found that enterprises are more interested in using cloud-based applications to transform their companies first. Making customer relationships more valuable and focused is a priority for many of the executives interviewed for the survey.  Cost savings are still important, yet there is more of a focus on transforming their businesses to make them more customer-centric thanks to cloud computing. 

Here are a few of the key lessons learned from KPMG's 2014 Cloud Computing Survey:  

  • 73% of executives cite improved business performance as the most successful area of cloud implementations completed over the last year.
  • 49% adopted cloud-based systems to gain greater cost efficiency while transforming their businesses, making them more customer-centric. 
  • 37% are relying on cloud-based systems to drive greater alignment of their companies and customers. 
  •  32% adopted cloud-based systems in 2014 to drive faster new product development and innovation. 
  • 30% are using cloud-based systems to improve overall time-to-market.
  • 35% of enterprises adopting cloud computing did so to gain greater analytics capability. 

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