Private cloud, Public cloud: More CIOs choosing to move to the public cloud, according to Technology Business Report.

More and more CIOs are getting involved in the private cloud, public cloud debate, and making the choice to move from private to public offerings, according to a recent report by Technology Business Report posted on the IT Business Edge website.


Their study indicates an ongoing trend in the decline of third-party private cloud deployments. In fact, the percentage has shifted downward from  70 percent to 65 percent in 2014; this compares to an increase from 30 to 35 percent of the number of in-house cloud installations.

Part of the reason for this shift is the need for keeping critical data “behind the enterprise firewall,”  noted the study. Moreover, and once the hurdle of migrating those ‘critical’ files to the cloud is completed, companies are seeing increasing benefits: a more scalable system, not to mention a reduction in future investment costs.

Still, developers are tuned to the demand for mobile applications, and continue releasing apps; this, to make the whole process of setting up a private cloud a more speedier process. Recently, third-party provider of speciality apps launched an “appliance” that integrates “internal data sources.” What’s more, the developer claims it does so without “risking exposure to public infrastructure.”

“Essentially, it  (MobileSmith Pod appliance) provides a rapid private cloud deployment model that fosters key mobile support services like native app development, even for those without advanced programming knowledge, as well as secure end-user management, push notifications and real-time content updates.”

What’s been the biggest push back to the private cloud sector? Surprisingly, it is not security, because what can be used in within the company can also be “deployed in the cloud.”

The issue is, and “has always been”...costs associated with private clouds. For questions about how to choose the right cloud, and how the Microsoft Dynamics ERP software can benefit your business, contact us.

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