Streamline Your Pick, Pack, And Ship Operations With Kitting

Items commonly ordered together are often located next to each other in the warehouse in order to speed up the pick, pack, ship process. This practice reduces the foot travel required to pick the order. However, you can further optimise the fulfillment process by pre-assembling these items into a single package. This is called kitting. Kitting reduces both the labor of picking and packing the items. An additional benefit is that it reduces the packing materials required.


Kitting is less feasible when the relative quantities of the complementary items aren't known in advance. Some items such as nuts and bolts are obvious while others will require an analysis of your past orders. Warehouse management systems often include this kind of information and can either perform this analysis or make the data available to the appropriate software.

Kitting also refers to prepackaging quantities of a single type of item. Again, an analysis of past orders can determine the quantity per package. You may also need several kits of differing quantities. Sometimes these quantities are predefined such as when you give discounts like the "order four and get one free" type of offers.

Commonly kitted items include instructional videos, product samples, game sets, and items not normally purchased singly such as ping-pong balls and so forth.

The Cost Benefits Of Kitting In Pick, Pack, And Ship Operations

  • Kitting done in batches is more efficient than picking and packing the items separately for each individual order. This reduces time and labor.
  • Kitting allows more efficient packaging in terms of bulk and weight. This saves on shipping expenses. The use of less packaging material also reduces costs.
  • Shipping kits require less picking, handling, counting, weighing, and other operations. This results in fewer costly shipping mistakes.

Having your supplier kit your products before shipping them to you could prove cost-effective. This depends on a number of factors such as your order size and whether your supplier's packaging operations are more efficient than yours.

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