Warehouse Management: How To Make Better Use Of Space

Are your aisles and shipping and receiving areas being used for temporary storage? Do you find it difficult to find inventory space during peak selling periods? If so, then you may need to get more warehouse space. If the problem happens during your peak selling periods, then perhaps renting extra warehouse space from a nearby third-party will solve the problem. However before doing this or expanding your warehouse, you should reevaluate your usage of warehouse space. Free up more space by trying these warehouse management suggestions:


Use Your Vertical Space

Warehouses with unused vertical space are essentially "storing air." Use taller racks for your inventory. If you are currently doing this, consider reducing the "air space" within your racks. The empty space between the inventory item and the rack beam above it may be excessive. Distances of 3 to 8 inches should provide adequate room for lifting space.

Use a vertical carousel. Vertical carousels have storage shelves linked to a moving vertical track that is part of an oval loop. The carousel is run until the desired shelf is accessible to the operator.

Reduce Your Inventory

Warehouse space is best used when it contains highly profitable stock. These are the fast-moving items and/or the moderately moving high ticket items. Liquidate dead stock or place it in a long-term storage area. Do a cost/benefit analysis of slow-moving inventory to determine how much of it you actually need. Remove the rest.

Reduce The Width Of Your Aisles

Take a second look at your aisles. If their widths are correctly sized for your lifting trucks, consider using trucks designed for narrow aisles. There are three general classes of lifting trucks. These are the wide aisle, narrow aisle, and very narrow aisle lifting trucks. While use of narrow aisle lifting trucks enable more storage space by reducing aisle width, it will come at a cost. Narrow aisles reduce the travel speed of lift trucks which may reduce your warehouse productivity. Narrow aisles also reduce your flexibility in handling a large variety of load sizes.

Optimize Your Shelf Space

Eliminate excess horizontal and vertical space in your shelving. When large numbers of inventory of a consistent size are stored on shelves that are too large for them, the wasted space quickly adds up.

Better use of space means avoiding an expensive warehouse expansion and increases your warehouse productivity. To learn more about effective warehouse management, please contact us.

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