8 Reasons Businesses Like Microsoft Dynamics GP (formerly Great Plains)

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For small and mid-size businesses looking to upgrade their accounting software, Microsoft Dynamics GP (formerly Great Plains) is a natural choice. It's particularly well suited to businesses that have outgrown their current program. Dynamics GP is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that creates a powerful financial team, by integrating staff members with various job functions. 

Here are eight reasons so many companies have opted for Dynamics GP.

  1. Embeds business productivity tools across the spectrum of business processes.
  2. Displays a “Role-Tailored” interface specific to each user’s job function.
  3. Includes business intelligence tools that are proactive and forward looking, to highlight opportunities and potential problems.
  4. Integrates easily into current business structures. It’s simple to deploy and easy to learn, particularly for staff who are already familiar with Microsoft Office.
  5. Addresses specific industry needs right out of the box. When necessary, it can be customised easily.
  6. Pairs perfectly with cloud functionality, so the program can be used as a desktop solution, through a shared portal, or both.
  7. Scales easily to accommodate growth and additional lines of business.
  8. Guarantees Microsoft will support each version long-term, up to ten years from the date of release.

Microsoft Dynamics GP gives businesses control over finances and decision-defining information, while giving employees everything they need to excel at their jobs.

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