Private cloud, Public cloud: the pros and cons

In an increasingly networked world, with bluetooth in everything from refrigerators to gun scopes, it's important that you have at least a vague understanding of the technologies you use every day. This is especially true for businesses, which rely on rapid and clear communications to be competitive.

One of the things it's useful to know is the distinction between private clouds and public clouds, and what the pros and cons are of each. 

Private or Public Cloud Accounting Software

Public clouds are clouds in which all of the infrastructure is handled by a third party, almost always a company which specialises in providing cloud computing services. The advantages of this approach are price, convenience, and scalability. Since someone else is handling the actual running and maintenance of the data centre, this approach requires minimal effort on your end. It's also cheaper, since specialist cloud computing companies benefit from economies of scale. Finally, scalability- you can adjust your service to match fluctuations in size simply by paying less/more. 

Private clouds are clouds in which you run all the infrastructure yourself. While the disadvantage of this approach is obvious- you need to go through all the hassle of maintaining and running a data center yourself. In exchange, however, you get more control over what exactly is being done with your data- with a public cloud, you are ultimately limited by the provider company's own policies. There's also the security issue; the public cloud is, by definition, public. Your data is being stored on the same servers as dozens of other companies and individuals, not all of whom are necessarily scrupulous. And, if you're particularly worried about security, running your own data center means you don't have to worry about the provider company itself doing something unscrupulous. Finally, a private cloud can be cheaper, long-term, than a public cloud if you expect to need a very large amount of data handling, due to economies of scale.

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