Overcome Forecasting & Budgeting Control Challenges


Real Life CFO Challenges Series

Scenario #2 | Forecasting & Budgeting Control

Meet Tracey, CFO of a fast growing start-up business.
As a CFO, Tracey needs create reliable forecasts, perform role modelling and simulate different scenarios to allow her company to plan and prepare realistic budgets. However, using standard MS Excel to report and forecast made the process difficult to control.
In post #2 of the Real Life CFO Challenges series, we will uncover strategies to overcome Tracey's forecasting & budgeting control challenges.
The Challenge:
  • No real-time visibility into data and historical information
  • Unable to create reliable forecasts
The Need:
  • A cost efficient budget and forecasting solution that is easy to manage and report
  • Informed business decision making
  • Budget control
  • Multiple budget versions
  • Cost centre approvals and authority

The Solution:

A powerful, flexible tool that incorporates key financial and operational data that can deliver critical strategic information and allowing the potential impact of external factors in the budgeting and forecasting process.
  • This solution can adapt to your specific needs by allowing heads of departments to make their own decisions based on last year’s performances and other future analysis.
  • Keeps original budgets in tack while still providing key staff to perform changes if needed.
  • Empowers the CEO to get regular management feedback and critical information should things change in the organisation. 
  • Keeps costs down and people responsible and accountable for their cost centres.
  • Allows the HOD direct visibility into each department’s financial performance thus allowing better decision making and controls.

  • Guarantees accuracy of information due to controls and formulae 
  • One central point of data collection
  • Centralised reporting and budgeting visibility
  • Web / Mobile access to monitor information on the go
  • 360 degree view of your departmental performance and forecasts
  • Elimination of human error in data input
  • Better strategic decision making in the budget process
  • Strengthening strategic planning measures and policies.
  • Enables progressive company growth

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