How Warehouse Management Systems Benefit Your Business

Effective operation of your warehouse is the key to better customer fulfillment and inventory management. No one can argue the impact that customer fulfillment and inventory management can have on the health of a business. Therefore, a well managed or poorly managed warehouse can affect your business for better or worse. One of the best ways to improve the operation of your warehouse is through the use of a warehouse management system. Four ways that your business will benefit are discussed below:

Shipping Error Reduction

Shipping errors are costly in terms of processing the returned items and reshipping the correct items. Customer confidence is weakened and may result in lost sales in the future. While shipping errors can happen in a number of ways, a warehouse management system that includes a validation system that checks the types and quantities of items before they are shipped against what is specified in the purchase order will catch these errors regardless of their cause.

Increased Productivity

A warehouse management system reduces the number of manual tasks such as paperwork and data entry through the use of barcodes. The utilisation of radio frequency technology allows for faster move and pick operations within the warehouse. Doing things right the first time means that time and labor required to catch errors by checking and rechecking work are eliminated. Warehouse management systems also result in a more streamlined workflow.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Warehouse management systems mean accurate and timely customer fulfillment. Consistency in this area increases customer confidence and loyalty. Warehouse management systems also result in an accurate count of product in your inventory. This means that inquiries about product availability and delivery times can be quickly and precisely answered. People who make inquiries of this nature are potential customers. Answering their questions quickly and professionally will ensure that the potential customer places their order with you.

Improved Inventory Control

Effective inventory control cannot happen without accurately knowing the "what, where, and how much" information about your inventory. Without this information, inventories can't be replenished in time to avoid stock outs. They can also be overstocked or stocked with the wrong items. Real time tracking of vital inventory information is assured through the use of a warehouse management system.

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