The Benefits of Cloud ERP

Manufacturing Business Technology advises you to ask the following questions of your ERP provider, if they're offering cloud services:

  • Will they give you an exclusive server? Albeit their cloud ERP should “be multi-tenant with the ability to handle multiple tenants with the highest level of data security,” you should also have your own server alloted to you.
  • Do you pay for newer versions or are you upgraded free? An excellent Cloud ERP service constantly adapts to new trends in “...usage patterns, geographic locations,” as well as new portable devices.
  • Will they automatically improve software without you asking? Their Cloud ERP services should be continuously evolving but not affect any modifications that have been implemented specifically to you.
  • If you require a change that is only specific to your business, will it be implemented during the next update? Their Cloud ERP services should “be transparently scalable,” while simultaneously catering toward the needs of your growing business.
  • Will what's being offered today remain constant or improve in future years?

Another article states other benefits that an ERP system can bestow upon your business:
  • Streamline your company's manufacturing process.
  • Increase communication and decrease disconnect between employees and management. The manufacturing process often results in line workers receiving conflicting inputs from various upper positions based on each supervisor's own view in relation to their management role. Thus, these line workers and every supervisor on various upper levels, will lose sight of the overall objective and they might prioritise least important matters rather than what should be prioritized.
  • Significantly decrease errors. If everyone can see the bigger picture, errors are minimized due to a streamlined process that eliminates inefficient complex procedures.

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