On-premise software's limitations can keep businesses from remaining competitive in the marketplace

Avatar A lot of business owners struggle with technology decisions, like when to upgrade on-premise software and hardware; implementing new software because the business has outgrown the current, off-the-shelf program. Worse, they may forget to make the necessary security upgrades, and open their network up to new vulnerabilities.


What’s more, businesses who don’t begin to embrace new technology offerings are often less competitive in the marketplace: decisions using out-dated information, or inaccurate data because real-time data was not accessible.

Today, companies who are not embracing alternatives, like cloud offerings of SaaS (software as a service), for example, with accessibility by decision makers regardless of where they may be located, are missing out on a dynamic turn in operational efficiency.

On-premise installs...

Just how much time do you, or your IT staff, have to install that new sales software on multiple PCs? And when the latest security patch comes through, will there be someone who can act on it to ensure the network is secure and running properly?

One of the biggest negatives going with an on-premise software solution is the cost. Budgets must include assignments not only for installs and maintenance, but also for training when needed.

And when it comes time to upgrade, again, it’s a computer-by-computer issue and server room tweaks that are extremely time demanding: it’s never a simple matter to redeploy the system throughout the company or branch offices.

Cloud-based solutions

For starters, the ownership costs are not huge capital outlays that can quickly put the drain on the expense---or capital budget---column. Today’s cloud-based ERP, for example, is accessed through the Internet connection; furthermore, the host is taken care of security concerns and ultimately saving the company in costs to manage and maintain the platform.

Ideally, this makes the IT staff more available to develop innovative ways to increase the company’s revenue streams.

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