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  • Adair Durie
    Sales Director - FUJIFILM MicroChannel

    Stacey Lismore
    Microsoft Business Applications Expert -Microsoft

    Ricardo De Gouveia
    Senior Consultant - Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations - FUJIFILM MicroChannel

    Nicolas Nasr
    Practice Director – Microsoft Enterprise Applications - FUJIFILM MicroChannel

  • Thursday 13 June 2024
    11:00 am11:45 am AEST

For years, businesses have relied on traditional MRP to balance supply with demand for their production and distribution businesses, but market and global changes have exposed traditional MRP’s limitations. Overseas sourcing, product life cycles, and changing customer expectations on both product innovation and delivery times are frequently leading to stockouts or overstocks, with traditional MRP tools often overwhelming planners with too many actions, making prioritisation difficult. These challenges highlight the need for Demand Driven MRP (DDMRP).

Join us for a webinar co-hosted by Microsoft and FUJIFILM MicroChannel to discover how DDMRP can transform your supply chain. DDMRP, integrated into ERP solutions such as, D365 Supply Chain Management, decouples supply and demand, optimising inventory levels and preventing disruptions. Learn how dynamic buffer adjustments and demand-driven planning can enhance your operations and customer experience. Don’t miss this chance to improve your supply chain resilience.

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What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management?

What is MRP & DDMRP?

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The Presenters
Sales Director Adair Durie
Microsoft Business Applications Expert Stacey Lismore
Senior Consultant - Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations Ricardo De Gouveia
Practice Director – Microsoft Enterprise Applications Nicolas Nasr