The six most frustrating parts of pick, pack, ship and how to deal with it

Avatar With the right technology, pick, pack, ship can be a smooth and headache-free way to manage your inventory and meet orders. With the wrong warehouse management tool or without a system in place, pick, pack, ship can become painful and lead to mistakes that can damage your reputation. We've compiled a list of the 6 most frustrating parts of pick, pack, ship and suggestions for making things better.
1. Not using warehouse management systems - It's like going to the grocer without a list. Your staff will wander around until they stumble upon needed items.

3. Not knowing where items are - This increases order fulfillment time and wastes staff time, since staff need to hunt around the items.

4. Fulfilling orders with the wrong item - Doing this increases customer dissatisfaction and complaints. It also wastes employee time, as staff will have to process the item return and ship a replacement. 

5. Leaving an item out of the order - Again, this increases customer dissatisfaction and your operating costs as you will need to fulfill the order with a second shipment on your dime. Human error - When you aren't using an inventory system to manage your pick and packing process, you are going to suffer when employees make the occasional error. 

6. Bloated costs - When you aren't working efficiently, costs across the board become bloated. You're paying employees to do less work, you're not taking advantage of built-in efficiencies of scale, and you're spending more staff time and money on enterprise reputation management and customer care. 

Above all, investing in warehouse management systems will alleviate these 6 frustrations. A good WMS will streamline inventory, customer orders, order fulfillment, and warehouse mapping so that your staff can easily search for items, find them, and quickly and accurately fulfill orders.
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