The Importance of Software User Adoption Strategy

The below statistics all have one thing in common... User adoption of all types of technologies is critical to the success of technology adoption and to the business:

  • 70% of all software implementation fail - a key reason, poor user adoption
  • 83% of senior executives state their biggest challenge is getting staff to use software 
  • Only 37% of sales reps use their company CRM

Why staff struggle to adopt new or existing technologies

  • Change is hard and people don't like change
  • If staff can't get the help they need, when they need it to learn a new solution, they will resist adoption
  • People learn at all different paces - one off trainings or complex manuals don't work for all (if many) 

Why user training and on-boarding software works

Making training seamless and easily accessible through a single log-in or by embedding it into their usual work environments works....
  • It is simple to use
  • It is simple to locate when they need
  • Users can learn at their own pace - and take repeat courses any time
  • Always on help - no need to wait for a course manager or IT Support
  • It supports the work flow and processes of how your staff manage their individual workloads... not a 'presumed or dictated process'
  • You can make it a rigid process with a stepped learning management system (LMS) approach

We understand your organisation is unique. Your technology should match your business processes - your unique way of doing things. We help your organisation perform better by designing and developing the solutions that work for you - all delivered on time, within budget and with faster time to benefit. With offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and with over 50 Awards received from Microsoft, SAP, Sage and Accellos, MicroChannel has outstanding credentials as one of the most respected solution providers in Australia.

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