Bronto vs Cordial

Microchannel has deep expertise in helping companies develop, grow, and scale 1:1 marketing programs. With that, the Microchannel team has become experts in managing ESP migrations across many industries. With Bronto end-of-life quickly approaching in May 2022, you can trust the Microchannel team to migrate you to next-generation technology.
Cordial, a next-generation cross-channel messaging and data platform, is the trusted provider for over a dozen companies that wanted to evolve their email program off of Bronto. 
With Bronto, data management is slow and inefficient; while 1:1 personalization is all but impossible. Cordial was built to ingest and activate all customer behavior and event data in real-time and tailor a message to the needs, timing, and channel preferences of each individual customer at scale.

difference between bronto and cordial

Benefits of Cordial

Data is the foundation of successful marketing, which is why you need a flexible platform that ingests, organizes, and activates data from anywhere. With Cordial, you can use customer data the second it’s generated for segmentation, personalization, automation, and testing.
Legacy marketing platforms are built on rigid, outdated architecture that force you to fill gaps with multiple technology solutions. This is expensive, inefficient, and results in poor customer experiences. Cordial sends all marketing communications from a single platform which means messages are relevant, consistent, and engaging.
Use Message Builder, Cordial’s native drag-and-drop editor, to build personalized messages in seconds with no support from engineering. Messages are personalized in real-time using multiple real-time data feeds, meaning every customer receives a tailored, 1:1 experience.
Use Orchestration builder, Cordial’s intuitive campaign builder, to quickly create and trigger sophisticated, multi-step message orchestrations across channels. Connect email, SMS, and mobile-push notifications to ensure that your customers can engage with you when and where they want.

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