Warehouse Challenges

ideas for improving warehouse performance whitepaperDiscover the low-hanging fruits in warehouse management to improve the efficiency of your warehouse operations.  This whitepaper discusses key concepts, ideas and tips & tricks covering basic and advanced principles in warehousing and distribution.

Key topics in the whitepaper

  • Apply the 5S principles
  • Measuring KPIs and standards
  • Space utilisation
  • Understanding your order profile
  • Warehouse within a warehouse
  • Cluster pick
  • Vendor compliance program
  • Level load
  • Passing the white glove test

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When deciding if Körber K.Motion Warehouse Edge warehouse management software is right for you, you should examine your warehouse and see if you are experiencing the following challenges:

  • Getting your deliveries out on time and in full (DIFOT)
  • Knowing how much inventory you have in your warehouse and where it is
  • Spending too much time checking orders before they are shipped or having a checking bottleneck that is preventing you achieving your customer service terms
  • Have too many customer complaints and product returns with no way of working out whether the problem is your warehouse shipping the wrong product, product not delivered by the courier company or a customer error in their receiving
  • Too much dead or expired stock or just don’t know
  • Challenges recording serial numbers for warranty purposes or use by dates and batch numbers for product recalls
  • Putting together a workable online order fulfillment system

These are the common challenges warehouses across Australia are struggling with. With WMS system, Körber K.Motion Warehouse Edge, you can easily overcome them, and gain control over your warehouse operations.

Please contact us on 1300 440 444, or email info@microchannel.com.au to discuss how Körber K.Motion Warehouse Edge can address your warehousing needs.

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