Microsoft Dynamics GP Distribution Management

Microsoft Dynamics GP Distribution Management maintains tight control over distribution and streamline your pick/pack/ship cycle to gain competitive advantage. From forecasting to delivery, Microsoft Dynamics GP (formerly Microsoft Great Plains) can help you accelerate sales order processes and lower costs per transaction. Integrated applications let you better manage inventory, fill orders faster and provide e-commerce, driving superior customer service.

Inventory Control

Microsoft Dynamics GP Inventory Control gives your business a competitive edge. By controlling inventory effectively and setting prices on a customer-by-customer basis, you can reduce operating costs and achieve the fast, efficient fulfilment that keeps them coming back.
  • Create and track the item information that's most important to you with the ability to choose default entries for each class of items such as colour, style, and manufacturer
  • Prioritise sales stock with options to rank your inventory items by usage value, actual or project usage quantity, on-hand inventory value, or unit cost
  • Maintain complete control over your inventory with quantity tracking at the bin level, cycle counting, stock count calendars, and inventory snapshots
  • Track a single inventory item across multiple bins within the warehouse to optimise picking efficiency
  • Get instant information on all transactions related to any item you define in the inquiry windows —including lot number, price levels, and item type—as well as drill down to specific details
  • Analyse all facets of your inventory with comprehensive standard reports including Item List, Price List, and Turnover, integrated with the flexible reporting power of Microsoft Dynamics GP applications such as Report Writer and Crystal Reports®.

Purchase Order Processing/Receiving

Take control of your business processes and empower your employees to make sound business decisions and minimise costs. Purchase Order Processing capabilities streamline purchasing tasks and equip employees to track and manage vital commitments on the fly.

  • Control the details of your purchasing processes with features that include cost variance tracking, receiving/invoicing against multiple purchase orders, comprehensive receipt information and posting
  • Manage purchase orders at the line-item level with automated roll-up of similar items for efficient ordering, free on-board (FOB) designation, individual line item release to vendor dates, and multiple site delivery
  • Get instant answers to your purchase order, shipping, and receiving questions with complete tracking of open or historical purchase order and receiving documents by order number, item number or date
  • Maintain complete purchasing audit control with cancelled item tracking, line-item ordering and status information, document revision tracking, and customised landed cost definition
  • Enter, track, inquire, and report multicurrency transactions in the originating or functional currency, translated using exchange rate tables
  • Easily drop-ship orders directly from supplier to customer and bypass the typical inventory update process with options when entering a purchase order
  • Analyse all facets of your purchase activity with comprehensive reports such as Purchase Order Status, Invoice Cost Variance, and posting reports. Integrate with Microsoft Business Solutions applications such as Crystal Reports for further report flexibility and power

Sales Order Processing with Advanced Invoicing

Enhance employee productivity and streamline your distribution process with sales order and invoicing capabilities that help you enter and process orders quickly and accurately and give you more control over your business process.

  • Control your sales in the way that works best for you with discount management, drop shipping, kit items, sales quantity status, and online tracking via hotlinks to TNT or Australia Post
  • Tailor order entry to your specific needs with customisable order defaults, price overriding, special instructions, and line-item level control
  • Define, review, or change an unlimited number of process holds that can be assigned to your sales documents to help ensure proper procedures are followed at different stages of the sales cycle
  • Speed time to delivery through multiple ship-to addresses on an individual order. Send each line item on an order to a different site for that customer, saving order entry time and consolidating tasks for faster throughput
  • Avoid delays and costly errors by processing sales orders and authorize credit card payments without charging the card or recognising revenue in your system until the order ships to the customer
  • Manage inventory shortages by allocating inventory from multiple sites for the same item, as well as options including substation, overriding or selling the balance
  • Track and manage potential customers as prospects, separate from existing accounts
  • Create routine documents such as quotes, orders, and invoices, or more complex ones like sales analysis reports, in print or on-screen formats. Electronic search capabilities help ensure you find the information you need

Advanced Picking

Microsoft Dynamics GP Advanced Picking keeps pace with competitive markets and low margins. Advanced Picking capabilities provide you with the flexibility needed to reduce handling and increase accuracy for both single and multi-site warehouse operations.

  • Set picking rules by site to specify parameters such as bulk picking, picking sequence and document batch control
  • Configure and generate bulk picking lists to create consolidated picks of items across whole loads that may be required in multiple shipments
  • Specify parameters for individual items, such as whether an individual items can be bulk picked or should only appear on individual picking lists
  • Generate individual picking lists at sales transactions at the site level, in bay or bay sequence

Available to Promise

Empower your employees to make strategic decisions and provide superior service. New inventory and order management capabilities help ensure the right inventory is available at the right time to meet customer needs and boost profitability.

  • Access forward-looking inventory projections that include outstanding sales and purchase orders, unposted inventory and bill of materials, so accurate commitments to customers are made
  • Quickly find the earliest date that a specific quantity of stack can be supplied to your customers while still meeting all existing commitments
  • Make strategic inventory decisions with an easy to read summary of every possible inventory total related to the item, including future and provisional orders not yet allocated

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