What are Sage Business Management Solutions?

Sage Business Management Solutions take the capabilities of ERP tools a step further. Built to scale for small to mid-market businesses and large enterprises, Sage Business Management Solutions are fully-integrated systems that empower efficient and more competitive operations across the entire value chain.

Integrate and streamline core business processes with Sage Business software. Within a single system, capture end-to-end visibility of your entire business and get centralised control across financials, manufacturing, distribution, sales, marketing, inventory, customer service and more.

No matter how simple or complex your business operations, Sage offers robust solutions with easy end-user experience. Support your business from end-to-end with a Business Management Solution from Sage:


Why Choose Sage?

Scalable Solutions

Configurable solutions that stay aligned with your business as it evolves or as complexities grow

Streamlined Operations

Accelerate day-to-day tasks and reduce operating costs with greater productivity across the business

Sage-BMS-Innovative Technology
Innovative Technology

Stay ahead with advanced business solutions that help build agile operations, processes and people

Intelligent Decision-making

Real-time insight of costs and performance analytics accessible on one common data source



Manage growth across the entire value chain

Business Management Solutions provide the information and support your business needs to grow, now and into the future. Best-in-class business solutions are built to evolve so you can stay agile in a complex and competitive industry.

An expanding business means more competition, more customers and more complexities. Stay in control and quickly adapt to changing business requirements with a flexible business management solution. With the right software you can bring together all your critical data, accelerate core processes, enhance transparency and foster easier collaboration.

Efficiency at every level of your organisation:
  • Automate core business functions to maximise efficiency, reduce errors & minimise operating costs
  • Collaborate more closely with teams, employees and partners on a reliable, secure platform
  • With a single source for data, tap into timely & accurate data for more informed decision-making
  • Deliver valuable customer service with seamless integration to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools
  • Accommodate for global expansion with support for multiple languages, currencies, compliance & regulations


Work different with Sage

Sage Business Management Solutions reinvent business processes to drive sustainable competitive advantage. Adopt a powerful way to manage financials and operations, while connecting employees, partners, suppliers and customers. Streamline business workflows, boost communication and collaboration and share business intelligence across departments with Sage.

Sage can help your growing business propel forward and transition to a solution that meets your unique business needs.



Built in functionality tailored for distribution, manufacturing and services industries

Support mobility with web and mobile-based access to inventory, purchase data & customer orders

Accelerated data flow shared across departments & real-time alerts to changing business conditions

Simplified process for adding new products, processes and business units

Visibility into the customer lifecycle and accelerated customer issue responsiveness

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