Social Media for Sage CRM

Engage and Interact with Your Customers

Businesses everywhere are using popular social media networks such as Twitter and LinkedIn to make their business more accessible, more personable, and maintain long term connections. In turn lots of this information can be linked to your CRM software to help improve customer relations.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is well established as a technology and strategy that enables organisations to better manage the many interactions it has with both existing and prospective customers. Integrating social media activity with CRM can further harnesses the power of communication with your customers and prospects creating a meaningful community and building strong mutually-rewarding relationships.


An Integrated Solution

Sage CRM integrates with key social media applications to enable users to engage with prospects and customers in a collaborative manner in order to generate leads, foster loyalty, build customer retention and increase revenue. 

Out-of-the-box integration with LinkedIn® enables users to tap into the endless possibilities of social networking for instant knowledge about customers and prospects. Sage CRM for Twitter enables companies to manage their communications with prospects and customers directly from within Sage CRM.

Thanks to the website gadget on the Sage CRM interactive dashboard, users can browse social media sites from within Sage CRM, removing the need for users to switch between applications.

Use Social Networks to Listen and Engage in New Ways

Trying to identify new means of engaging with customers and prospect customers is always a challenging but necessary task for any company looking to build business. Networking has evolved to online social portals to which people choose to belong and where dialogue with customers and prospects can flourish.
With Sage CRM for social media you can:

  • Build relationships with existing and prospective clients
  • Better target prospects and prepare for sales calls
  • Uncover leads and networking opportunities quickly and easily
  • Update and read Twitter timeline and feeds directly from within Sage CRM
  • Extend conversations and collaboration with prospects and customers to social media channels
  • Enable users to identify how online conversations are affecting your brand
  • Identify your biggest online champions and influencers
  • Participate in online conversations with an engaged audience without ever having to leave Sage CRM

Monitor Blogs/websites from Sage CRM

Sage CRM enables users to easily display RSS and website feeds directly onto their Sage CRM Interactive Dashboards. Because Sage CRM users can quickly customise dashboards with specific links, users can monitor those links or feeds that are most relevant to their job and function. Sage CRM enables companies to view any organisation’s official Facebook account from within their dashboard for ease of use. Together with the benefits of Sage CRM for Twitter as well as Sage CRM and LinkedIn integration, companies can use Sage CRM social media capabilities to better manage their company’s entire portfolio of social media activities.

Video: Unlock the value in every conversation with Social CRM from Sage CRM

Sage CRM for Twitter

Yielding real-time global customer communication.

Twitter integration within Sage CRM allows businesses to efficiently establish, track, and respond to Twitter communication traffic in real time, and can be used for a variety of critical marketing and customer relationship requirements. The Twitter add-on within Sage CRM enables small and medium businesses to quickly incorporate Twitter into on-going marketing activities. With Sage CRM for Twitter users can post or reply directly to a Tweet from within Sage CRM and view Twitter feeds for specific companies and in turn save the contents of these Tweets to notes within Sage CRM. 

This allows companies to quickly launch marketing and sales initiatives that delivers valuable lead generation. By engaging in Twitter campaigns – all from within Sage CRM – companies can create communities of followers. Sage CRM users can quickly and easily use Twitter for Sage CRM to Tweet followers to promote their products, promotions, URL’s or similar. Because Twitter Tweets are limited to 140 characters, Tweets take little time to create and launch.

Sage CRM and LinkedIn

Providing increased sales effectiveness.

LinkedIn is known as the social network for professionals and it’s recently reported as having over 100 million members from over 200 countries. LinkedIn is an invaluable tool for small and medium businesses helping you find new customers, research suppliers, contact vendors and grow your business in the international market. LinkedIn integration within Sage CRM enables small and medium businesses to efficiently build a professional network of possible customers and partners, as well as providing sales personnel with valuable insight into prospective customers. 

By engaging with LinkedIn members through Sage CRM for LinkedIn, companies can achieve a wide range of sales and marketing objectives. Thanks to the professional characteristics of the LinkedIn membership base, and the content of online member profiles, Sage CRM and LinkedIn can be used effectively to identify qualified prospects and generate leads, research prospects prior to sales calls, establish company and employee LinkedIn presence and much more


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