Dashboard and Financial Reporting

Save hours on reporting and cut time spending checking data accuracy

Best-in-class financial reporting software with unsurpassed visibility

Flexibiltiy to quickly slice-and-dice details in financial reports.  Give the right information and data to key stakeholders: investors, executives, sales, finacne and other departments.  Dive deeper with custom reports, dashboards or visualisations - get the answers you require for fast and data-driven decision-making.

Financial dashboards and reporting software that turns data into insight

Sage Intacct's general ledger includes 10 dimension to capture the business context of your transactions, operational measures and budgets. This gives you the ability to quickly access or create reports that analyse real-time business performance by business drivers without the need to manage a complex chart of accounts.

Improve business agility while saving hundreds of hours

Track and report financial and operational data that matters to your business. With all your financial and operational data in one place, Sage Intacct's best-in-class multi-dimensional visibility enables you to slash time spent checking the accuracy of your financial data so you can start making strategic decisions that will impact your business. 

Get rich financial reports, your way

Compare operational statistics with financial metrics. Check summary roll-up figures for multiple entities at any time of the month.  Drill down to source transactiosn for granular transparency instantly.  Flag trends and spot exceptions with powerful report visualizations. There are 150 built-in financial reports and also the ability to create your own custom reports.  

Dive deeper and go further with financial dashboards and reporting

Sage Intacct’s interactive custom report writer lets you easily create real-time reports that tackle your toughest reporting needs. Get the insights you need in seconds to address complex issues and respond to market changes. Start with hierarchical field selection, drag-and-drop design, and automatic conditional formatting, grouping, and subtotals.  Drill down to transaction details or go to the next level with calculated columns with calendar and math functions, conditional logic, rolling sums and aggregations, and pivot tables. 


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