InterCompany for SAP Business One

Subsidiary and/or branch companies that run SAP Business One and control multiple legal business entities need a complete solution to consolidate their business information:

  • Data and content sharing
  • Standardized, transparent business processes across companies
  • Visibility over operations across companies
  • Improve control and collaboration

InterCompany Key Features include:

  • Multi-Instance Support - The intercompany integration solution supports SAP Business One companies located across multiple physical servers / geographies, as well as deployments on a single machine.
  • Multi-Currency Support - The intercompany integration solution supports intercompany transactions in local and foreign currencies.
  • Master Data Replication - The intercompany integration solution supports the replication of essential Master Data between companies. In the case of the Item Master Data, Business Partner Master Data, Bill of Materials and Price List masters, the user can choose which specific records are to be shared between companies.
  • Consolidated Credit Limit Check - This intercompany integration solution feature will allow the user to restrict the creation of sales document for customers and prompt a warning message based on the consolidated credit limit and consolidated account balance.
  • Marketing Document Exchange - The intercompany integration solution allows exchange of reciprocal marketing documents among branch companies, saving time and increasing efficiency throughout the organization as redundant data entries are eliminated.
  • G/L Allocations - The intercompany integration solution allows allocations of Incomes and Expenses across branch companies.
  • A/P Service Invoice Allocations - Similar to the G/L Allocations feature, this feature allows allocations of expenses booked through A/P Service Invoices across branch companies.
  • Centralized Payments - The intercompany integration solution allows the delegation of vendor invoices for payment to another branch company, allowing for centralized payment processing to external vendors.
  • Multi-Level Financial Consolidation - The intercompany integration solution allows Journal Entries of all Branch Companies to be consolidated into a dummy consolidation company, enabling a single, easy way of running SAP Business One Financial reports for the entire organization. The multi-level financial consolidation provides the following features:
    • Ability to set up multi-level consolidation hierarchy to enable group-wise reporting
    • Ability to handle multi-currency consolidations
    • Ability to have different Chart of Account Structures for each Branch and Consolidation company
    • Automatic run of the consolidation process based on the defined schedules
    • The intercompany integration solution will enable the user to generate the following consolidated financial statements:
    • Consolidated Trial Balance
    • Consolidated Profit & Loss Statement
    • Consolidated Balance Sheet
  • Service Management - The intercompany integration solution caters to Service oriented scenarios by replicating the Customer Equipment Card, Service Contract, and Contract Template masters.
  • Branch Inventory in Warehouse Report - This report allows the user to view the In Stock, Committed, Ordered, and Available quantities for all Global Items. It provides the ability to drill down to the warehouse level to check stock, as well as a summary mode that shows stock levels summed up for all companies.
  • Consolidated Balances by Business Partner Report - This report allows the user to view the Business Partner Balances for all Global Business Partners, either broken down per company, or summarized for all companies.
  • Consolidated Sales Analysis Report - This report allows the user to view the Sales Analysis Report for each branch company in a single report.
  • Remote Query Execution - This feature allows the user to extend the Query Generator / Query Wizard tools in SAP Business One by allowing the execution of such queries across all company databases thus enabling ad-hoc reporting capabilities for the intercompany integration solution.
  • Business Transaction Notifications - For all Intercompany Transactions, notifications can be delivered to SAP Business One users as a System Alert in SAP Business One or by email, providing relevant information about that transaction.
  • Custom UDF Replication - The user can choose to replicate custom UDFs on Item Master, Business Partner, and Marketing Documents supported by the Document Exchange Cycle.
  • Custom UDT Replication - The user can configure the solution to replicate UTDs between branch companies similar to the master data replication.
  • Auto-Retry of Failed Transactions - The user can choose to automatically retry failed transactions after a specified time interval.
  • Auto-Delete of Successful Transactions - The user can choose to automatically delete log information for successful transactions after a specified time interval.
  • Implementation Wizards - The intercompany integration solution provides implementation wizards to implement the solution quickly and easily.

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