Integrated E-Commerce Software for B2B and B2C

sana commerceA professional web store that is 100% integrated with your SAP Business One and Microsoft Dynamics ERP solution. 

Improving your services to your business customers with Sana eCommerce, an integrated e-commerce software that uses business logic and data stored in your ERP slution to create beautiful, user-friendly web stores.


The Right E-Commerce Software For Your Industry

Each industry faces different e-commerce challenges. Sana helps businesses overcome obstacles, delight clients and future-proof your operations. 

Covers all industry including automative and autoparts, construction and industrial materials, distribution, electronics, fashion and apparel, food and beverage, home goods and furniture, manufacturing, medical supplies, retail and wholesale.



Sana Commerce turns your ERP into an engine of your new web store

Our e-commerce platform uses your ERP's business logic and data (which have been tailored to perfectly support your business) to create an online sales channel that is powerful, flexible and robust enough to delight your customers.

Your ERP solution contains product specifications, pricing information and customer details that is needed for your web store to deliver great online buying experience. However the ERP wasn't built to sell your products online.  Similarly, Sana Commerce can't beat your ERP at business logic and data management.

That's why Sana Commerce was built to focus on selling online with an integration to your ERP solution - so both systems can do what they do best. This offers numerous benefits including:
  • Custom pricing on your web store
  • Minimal human error when processing orders
  • Updated product catalog
  • Updated product information
  • Streamlined order processing and returns


E-Commerce Features To Captivate Your Customers

Easy-To-Navigate Product Catalogs
  • Quick start on classification and categorisation right from your ERP
  • Quickly launch multiple web stores
  • Export product to marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon & Google (with add-ons)
  • Easily assign products to different web stores within your ERP
  • Filter and search with faceted search especially on large catalogs
  • Use BOM (Bill of Materials) / kitting and assembly
  • Crystal clear data management
  • Use product images from your ERP

Rich Real-Time Product Information
  • Display product customisations
  • Provide accurate price calculations with unit of measure
  • Real-time inventory information on your web store

Complex Pricing Rules Made Simple
  • Display accurate pricing
  • Offer special pricing online
  • Display correct discounts in your web store
  • Offer better deals with tier pricing
  • Display right order line and invoice discounts
  • View real-time sales tax calculations
  • Use automatic charges for fees and associates costs

Online Order Processing
  • Accurate and fast turnaround with real-time orders
  • Real-time data validation 
  • Provide customised payment conditions
  • Display real-time shopping cart calculations
  • Use your ERP's standard quote request processes
  • Display customised orders and process order comments
  • Dynamic billing and shipping addresses
  • Display ERP-calculated shipping cost in real-time
  • Edit orders after they are placed
  • Allow clients to re-order from any previous order
  • Determine order origin with order number ranges
  • Order tracking and keep clients informed
  • Easily view completed account history
  • Facilitate streamlined product returns

24/7 Client Focus
  • Localised web store experience
  • Client-specific catalogs as per in your ERP system
  • Manage your client's portfolio
  • Efficiently manage client information
  • Sales reports
  • Let clients pay invoices online
  • Product manual and documentations online

Personalised E-Commerce Marketing
  • Create personalised content based on ERP information
  • Personalise email marketing
  • Offer predictive ordering
  • Get sales statistics on client behavior
  • Upsell and cross-sell 

Download the E-Commerce Solution Decision-Making Guide:

sana commerce guide

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