SAP Business One Industry Solutions

SAP Business One has deep functionalities ideal for a wide range of industries with integration with software from over 550 partnered software solution providers.

Whether you make, sell or service, MicroChannel can provide you with the right small business software for your industry.

  • Address unique business processes with tested, preconfigured solutions
  • Partner with experts in your industry who understand your specific needs
  • Implement solutions with a proven track-record – to reduce cost and risk
  • Deploy quickly with built-in implementation methodologies and best practices


SAP Business One for Wholesale & Distribution

As an ERP solution, SAP B1 coordinates all aspects of your business including finance, supply chain, customer relationship management, inventory, sales and more.  
  • Deliver on time
  • Improve customer service and increase interaction
  • Improve cash flow with optimal inventory
  • Minimise wastage with better procurement workflow
  • Increase revenue with new opportunities
  • Empower team with more insights and analytics
  • Improve fulfilment with better procesess
  • Improve profitability and margins with better efficiency

SAP Business​ One for Professional Services

SAP B1 provides professional services industry with a robust and comprehensive business management solution that enables you to improve acquisition and maintenance of customers while ensuring that projects and tasks are executed within budgeted time and resources.
  • Discover new opportunities for new and existing customers
  • Improving relationships with customers
  • Increase customer satistfaction by delivering on time and on budget
  • Manage projects and task profitably
  • Integrated project management with project accounting

SAP Business One for Retail 

Retailers with multiple locations, franchisors and chain stores can benefit from SAP B1 with centralised view of the business with real-time information of sales, inventory and profitaiblity by location. 
  • Streamline the entire business processes
  • Easily deploy solution with web-based options
  • Integrates easily with third party POS and ECommerce solutions
  • Optimize daily operations
  • Reports to allow analysis and analytics

SAP Business One for Food & Beverage

Small and midsized businesses in the food and beverage industry will benefit from SAP Business One's enhanced capabilities provided by partner solutions to innovate, produce and distribute fresh and packed food products.
  • Compliance with industry standards and regulatory requirements
  • Better shelf-life management
  • Product traceabiltiy
  • Improved cost calculation
  • Complete quality management control

SAP Business One for Life Sciences and Pharmaceutical

Leading healthcare and pharmaceutical companies can benefit from SAP Business One's robust core functionalities to improve the efficiency of operations, increase productivity, adapt ot changes, and respond to market demands.
  • Compliance with industry standards and regulatory requirements
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Cosmetics and skin care industry
  • Medical devices and equipments industry

If your industry is not listed on the above, get a free consultation with us on how SAP Business One can work for you.  Drop us an inqury below. 

We understand your organisation is unique. Your technology should match your business processes - your unique way of doing things. We help your organisation perform better by designing and developing the solutions that work for you - all delivered on time, within budget and with faster time to benefit. With offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and with over 50 Awards received from Microsoft, SAP, Sage and Accellos, MicroChannel has outstanding credentials as one of the most respected solution providers in Australia.

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