Software Development Kit for SAP Business One

SAP Business One includes numerous customization features and configuration options. With the SAP Business One Software Development Kit (SDK), you can easily tailor the solution further to meet your particular needs. The SDK ensures that enhancements are easy to maintain and do not need to be rewritten for system upgrades. Because the SDK does not require extensive training or specialized knowledge of proprietary tools, you can leverage your team’s existing skills and minimize ramp-up time.

Tailor SAP Business One to Meet your Needs

The SDK provides application programming interfaces (APIs) that help you interface with and enhance SAP Business One in several ways. From simple screen modifications to sophisticated integration projects, the SDK provides a flexible set of tools that include:

  • The User Interface API, which lets you modify SAP Business One by creating new windows, redesigning existing windows, and adding menus or dialog boxes. Modifications can be as simple as hiding or disabling a field, or as complex as adding a new transaction.
  • The Data Interface API, which lets you build real-time links between SAP Business One and external applications. By providing a programmatic interface to SAP Business One through a set of fully functional business objects, the Data Interface API gives you the power to connect applications and automate processes.
  • The Java Connector, which gives developers all the power and flexibility of the Data Interface API in a Java development environment.

These APIs are complemented by a variety of tools that provide a robust development environment.

Powerful, Real-Time Integration

The SDK offers a full-featured set of business objects that allow real-time or batch-mode integration between SAP Business One and your external applications. Whether you are interfacing with a custom Web portal, integrating legacy data, or building collaborative applications using XML Web services, the SDK simplifies the task with access to a wide range of master records and transactional objects.

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