Warehouse Management


AccellosOne Warehouse for SAP Business One is a fully integrated warehousing solution for SAP Business One.

AccellosOne Warehouse for SAP Business One uses the UI and DI API to seamlessly integrate warehouse management and multi-bin functionality into SAP Business One. 
Accellos One Warehouse enjoys many successful global installations. From single operator warehouses installed in less than two days to hundreds of warehouse employees in large mid-market distribution companies, Accellos One Warehouse is the only choice for the growing small to medium sized business. Since no two warehouses are alike, Accellos One Warehouse was built for flexibility and scalability. With over 1000 configuration switches, Accellos One Warehouse can deliver feature rich functionality without modifications.

Accellos One Warehouse for SAP Business One is an integrated warehouse management system for small to medium sized manufacturers and distributors. Seamlessly integrated with SAP Business One, Accellos One Warehouse can be scaled to fit the logistic needs of any small-to-mid sized warehouse operation. The XML SOAP interface allows users to work with real-time warehouse information from within Business One. SAP Business One users can dramatically improve inventory accuracy, keep real time inventory by bin location, streamline warehouse operations, process back orders and improve overall customer satisfaction. 

Features and Functions

Accellos One Warehouse provides seamlessly integrated add-on functionality to SAP Business One.  Features like multi-bin, advanced allocation and paperless bar code enhanced processes help make SAP Business One the most powerful distribution software on the market today.Accellos' One Warehouse provides functional enhancements to SAP Business One that include:
  • Multi-bin inventory allows the warehouse to optimize stock movement
  • Real-time inventory position lets the enterprise make better decisions
  • Batch and serial traceability let companies granularly manage their inventory
  • Bar code enabled processes enforce accuracy, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and reduced error handling costs.
  • Hard allocation reserves product from specific bin locations, ensuring that the right product goes to the right customer.
  • Flexible allocation lets the warehouse reserve stock by FIFO, LIFO or expiry date
  • Advanced pick and pack screen allows for more flexible pick document release, resulting in optimized workload batches.
  • Flexible zone configurations allow the warehouse to efficiently distribute workload between employees and set up quarantine areas.
  • Warehouse management software processes like flexible picking styles and replenishment streamline operations and reduce costs.
  • Paperless processes automate document input, reducing clerical overhead.
  • Pack size handling lets the warehouse meet customer specific pack size ordering requirements, optimize materials handling equipment usage and reduce bin replenishment.
  • Labor statistics reporting allows the warehouse to more efficiently manage employees and forecast labor requirements.
  • Warehouse efficiency reporting provides benchmarking information for goal setting.

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