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Mobile WMS from Tasklet is a mobile barcode scanning solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (previously NAV) and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations (previously AX) that integrates the standard functionality in the ERP system and allow warehouse employees to process orders both online and offline.

3 Easy Steps To Optimise Warehouse Processes

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Benefits of Mobile WMS for Dynamics 365 Business Central and Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations

Offiline Functionality
Mobile WMS works flawlessly with Microsoft Dynamics 365 even when the ERP system is completely offline.  Warehouses that are remotely located with intermittent or limited internet connectivity will be able to benefit from the ability to run processes when internet is not immediately available.
Integrates Seamlessly
Mobile WMS integratees to the standard functionalities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 which also simplifies long term maintenance and upgrades.
Installation in 2 Days
Mobile WMS requires as little as two days to install which allow businesses to have a barcode scanning solution up and running in a very short period of time.  
Easy To Customise
Mobile WMS for Dynamics 365 is easy to customise using extensions, so if you need specific functionalities not available within the standard package, it will be very easy to customise.
User Friendly
Mobile WMS offers an intuitive user interface that guides users through the functions using the Android operating system. Users will require minimal training time to use the full features of Mobile WMS.

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Features of Mobile WMS

  • Receive - Register and control items against purchase orders. Supports expiration dates, lot and serial numbers.
  • Count - Count items according to inventory journals or as unplanned counts.
  • Locate Item - Look up the location and the quantities of an item.
  • Substitute Item - Look for substitute items to replace unavailable item.
  • Put Away - Assign a shelf (bin) for received items.
  • Move - Perform planned or unplanned movement of items.
  • Adjust Quantity - Remove items from inventory.
  • Print - Initiate print report and labels from mobile devices.
  • Pick - Pick items and prepare them for shipment or production as single or consolidate orders.
  • Bin Content - Look-up the content of a warehouse shelf.
  • Item Cross Reference - Associate a barcode with an item.
  • Shipping - Enter shipping and carrier information to speed up processing.

Download the Tasklet Mobile WMS Brochure

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