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Why use this product

Sage 300 is a comprehensive business management solution designed to empower businesses with robust financial and operational capabilities. With multi-currency support, inter-company transactions, powerful bank reconciliation, tax reporting features, flexible transaction processing options, and insightful analytical reporting, Sage 300 provides businesses with the tools they need to efficiently manage their finances and streamline operations.

How it helps your business

  • Manage complex finances
  • Simplify tax reporting & compliance
  • Streamline operations & improve efficiency
  • Data-driven decision making

What job it does

  • Financial
  • Operations
  • Inventory
  • Reporting

Product Features

Streamline Finances & Operations with Sage 300

At FUJIFILM MicroChannel, we understand the importance of finding the right solution for your business needs. Request a call back via our online chat to learn more about Sage 300 implementation, staff training, and support.

All Modules

Accounting and Finance

Manage complex finances with Sage 300. This solution includes multi-currency capabilities, intercompany transactions, powerful bank reconciliation, tax reporting, flexible transaction processing, dashboards and analytical reporting.

  • Create budgets
  • Present financial statements
  • Reporting tools

Inventory Management

Track stock levels and process inventory receipts, shipments, returns and adjustment with the multi-location inventory management.

  • Reduce stock outs
  • Minimise excess inventory
  • Real-time inventory tracking

Sales and Customer Order Management

Stay on top of your customer accounts, inventory levels and purchase histories in real-time.

  • Up-sell and cross-sell opportunities
  • Customer contract
  • Improve customer satisfaction

Project and Job Costing

Maximises efficiency to meet your customer's expectation for products and services without risking profitability

  • Identify success factors and potential issues for any project
  • Manage time, expenses and purchasing to manage job costing and forecasting
  • Projects and contracts visibility


Turn insights into action with built-in BI tools and a library of predefined reports.

  • On-demand analytics
  • Create reports across multiple fiscal years and budget sets
  • Update statistics in batch or real-time
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