The Cloud Advantage eBook

Businesses using on-premise solutions are stuck battling yesterday’s problems. Discover how businesses are moving their ERP to the cloud to define tomorrow’s opportunities.

The World Through A Single Lens ebook

In this ebook, explore the benefits of unifying ERP, CRM and TRM (Trade Revenue Management) to dive deep into how pricing models, rebates and price management contribute to your sales and margin in real-time. 

The Missing Window on Manufacturing Growth eBook

In this eBook, explore the benefits of Trade Revenue Management (TRM) for Supply Chain.  Gain competitive edge by managing your complex pricing and rebates so that your pricing, promotions and rebates are accurate at all times.

8 Ways Wholesale Distribution Companies Can Improve Efficiency

Technological advancement has changed the wholesale distribution industry and there is a constant need to remain competitive.  We outlined 8 key areas that can be implemented for wholesale distribution companies to improve operational effectiveness and profitability.

Five Tips to Boost Your Company's Financial Health

In this whitepaper, we will show you how access to the right tools and the right information improves everyone’s performance, how you can use data to make better decisions for your business, how to better manage your cash flow, how shifting systems to the Cloud can reduce your costs and how the right systems can help you manage compliance and reduce your risk.

Five ways to turn your business data into insight

When you’re running a business that’s growing, it can be hard to have a complete view of your financial picture and overall performance. As you grow and add customers, suppliers and product lines, you need access to the information that matters most to your business. Every member of your team needs an accurate, timely look at what’s most important for their unique role. In this whitepaper, we’ll tackle the often-illusive topic of business intelligence (or BI), divinginto the principles that will ensure both you and your team are armed with the information you need to manage and grow a better business.

Microsoft Social Listening Turning Sentiment into Opportunity

Microsoft Social Listening is a powerful new service that your organization can use to monitor social media channels like
Facebook and Twitter. Use Microsoft Social Listening to track products, brands, competitors, and campaigns globally and
in real time to gain a true understanding of your customers and your business across the social web.

Improve Sales Force Productivity Go Mobile with Dynamics CRM

According to an Aberdeen* survey, “companies that implement  mobile sales force automation solution are 1.5 times more likely to see an improvement in sales force productivity versus those that do not.”  Sales managers are looking at Mobile Sales Force Automation technologies to arm their field sales teams to handle the increasing customer demands on a global basis. Microsoft Dynamics CRM (now known as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Salesmakes this easier than ever with its new tablet and mobile apps.

Effective Project Management with Dynamics GP

Managing a project successfully requires being able to not only plan well, but the ability to adapt plans to changing circumstances. A tool such as Great Plains enterprise resource planning software can help build your reputation for getting things done on time and under budget. Learning how to use that tool effectively is where an experienced team of experts can help.

Microsoft RMS Store Operations

Drive retail success with a flexible solution that empowers your managers and associates to process transactions quickly, service customers and market products more effectively, and streamline inventory and supplier management.

Microsoft RMS Headquarters

Ideal for multi-store businesses or franchise chains, Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System (RMS) equips businesses to roll-up and manage data for all stores from the head office.

Microsoft RMS Features

A solution that caters to diverse and demanding business needs. See Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management Systems features and capabilities.

Microsoft RMS Overview

Drive retail growth with a flexible, connected solution. For retail organisations looking to run operations more efficiently, improve service levels, and make the confident decisions that fuel growth, Microsoft Dynamics RMS gives you the freedom to run and efficient, customer-focused business.

Industry: Retail


Industry: High Technology

High tech manufacturers face tough challenges. Manufacturing is a major engine in any economy, but the fundamental success factors in the high tech industry are changing: flexibility, continuous improvement, and superb customer service are the key differentiators today. High tech manufacturers are facing tough challenges, and they need a new breed of tools that can help them meet these challenges.

Industry: Consumer Packaged Goods

Today’s Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) distribution companies face real challenges in a rapidly changing industry. Intense price pressure at the retail level is eroding margins. Add global competition and shorter product life cycles, and you’ll see the challenge across the entire CPG industry.

Industry: Education

Gain an effective ally in educational fund management. With budget cuts, staff cutbacks, and escalating student enrolments all happening as GASB 34 mandates school districts to comply with national accounting and reporting standards—where do administrators turn for real-world answers to complex operations challenges?

Industry: Professional Services

Tracking all aspects of a project or contract is still one of the greatest challenges in the professional services industry. Sometimes, even measuring the degree of project completion can be difficult. And poor management of resources can make what appears to be a year of profitable projects into a year of unmet expectations, where very little of the anticipated profit makes it all the way to the bottom line.

Industry: Food & Government

To stay competitive, food and beverage distribution companies are adapting to the new realities of the market by improving efficiency and moving to automated-ordering inventory, warehouse, and management systems. The right technology can give your company the agility you need to stay competitive.

Industry: Government

Along with a full range of financial and business management applications, Microsoft DynamicsTM GP offers capabilities designed to help government agencies adhere to regulations and controls, manage grants and budgets proactively, and streamline accounting processes.

Industry: Healthcare

Healthcare providers today face major challenges. Rapidly rising costs, expanding regulations, and pressure to improve quality, safety, and access are just some of the issues faced by hospitals, clinics, and long-term care facilities. At the root of these issues is the difficulty healthcare professionals face in accessing information.

Microsoft GP Industry-Not For Profit

Along with a full range of fi nancial and business management applications, Microsoft DynamicsTM GP offers capabilities designed to help associations, membership organizations, charities, churches, arts organizations, and other not-for-profi t groups adhere to regulations and controls, manage grants and budgets proactively, and improve effi ciencies for accounting processes.

Industry: Construction

Construction companies like yours win more bids when you emphasize your ability to meet both time and budget goals. By delivering deep access to decision-driving information, a rapid return on investment, and expert, dedicated customer service, Microsoft Dynamics GP helps you grow and manage your business better.

SAP Business One Road Map 2013

SAP has recently issued a new roadmap for SAP Business One. The roadmap outlines a broad strategy for improvements to come in SAP Business One, with a core focus on adding value for existing customers. The roadmap highlights plans to improve business-logic, reporting and analytical functions to increase the lifetime value of SAP Business One.

What to Expect to Spend on Software Implementation

Business management software, which increases operational efficiency and your ability to better serve your customers, is generally sold through software resellers and experienced technology business partners.

ROI - What Does It Really Mean

Return on investment, or ROI, is a technique that helps you understand the benefits your business can obtain from a specific technology purchase. It can show you how long it will take you to see tangible, positive results from your investment.

Property Management for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

With features and functionality specifically designed to manage property information and automate workflows unique to the real estate and property management industry, MicroChannel Services is your first choice for Customer Relationship Management.

Sales and Marketing: The New Power Couple

The sales team is pointing fingers at marketing because they aren't bringing in enough qualified leads, and marketing is responding by saying sales is at fault because they don't know how to follow up on a lead. Sound familiar?

Optimising Business Productivity

When sales, marketing, and service teams increase their productivity through the use of an integrated CRM solution, both customer experience and business results improve, creating a competitive advantage.

CRM: The Winning Strategy in a Challenging Economy

As the economic environment continues to fluctuate, many organisation are asking themselves what strategies they can pursue to bring tangible business benefits while taking stock of the economic conditions.

Solving Consolidation Challenges

Having difficulties with consolidations and transacting across multiple businesses or subsidiaries?  Then this whitepaper is for you.

How to Choose a Distribution Solution

Implementing the proper distribution system can be as strategic and important to your bottom line as expanding your warehouse or bringing on new product lines

17 Rules of the Road for CRM

When it comes to choosing the right customer relationship management (CRM) system for your business, it’s important to understand all the benefits of an integrated CRM system before beginning your selection process.

Optimising Warehouse ROI

Warehouse processes impact every dimension of your business, from how you maintain cost advantages to the all-important differentiators that cause customers to choose you rather than your competitors.

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